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An enterprise learning eco-system for professionals, coaches and institutional bodies to plan, manage & promote their continuous professional development (CPD) & learning content.

Consisting of multiple modules and configurable features, our modular professional development environment can scale to match the size & pace of your organisation’s growth, adapting quickly and easily to your specific needs.

We can also integrate with exisiting systems within HR, CRM and more.



We offer



Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Planning Module

An online space for professionals to plan & manage their own CPD activities, featuring a personal dashboard, system generated notifications and the ability to upload evidence plus download records as evidence to support membership requirements & career development.



CPD Management

Organisations can easily coordinate the CPD of their people ensuring goals are aligned to match career and business goals, utilising automated activities, an admin dashboard and comprehensive reporting functionality

Online CPD Assessment

Manage assessment of CPD reports online and in realtime, assigning assessors, reviewing outcomes, managing queries with the aid of a comprehensive QA system.

Coaching and Mentoring

A confidential secure online space where individuals and coaches can work together. It includes the ability to plan outcomes, share information and review achievements in a way that might show ‘Return on Investment’ simply and easily.

Content Management Environment

A CMS that will truly engage learners and help promote development, and including:

  • An optional AI curator that can identify individual needs and present them with interventions that closely match their needs and style
  • Opportunities for users to review and rate learning
  • Social learning spaces allowing individuals to explore each other’s expertise and the organisation to hardwire knowledge





How do I best keep my Continuous Professional Development (CPD) record up to date?

Author: Graham Borley How do I ensure I am up to date with my periodic CPD plan? It is primarily my responsibility as an individual to ensure that my own CPD plan is up to date and to chase up possible mentors/assessors for feedback and remind them to accept, deny or query any of my …

Why Curation & CPD are intertwinning

Author: Rory Stewart Technology is allowing for individuals to be more connected and more able to collaborate and offer knowledge value through a multitude of self-curation tools and services. There is the xAPI Learning Record Store (LRS) that is leading the change towards a more self-focused yet hugely collaborative medium of learning interchange. The ability …

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