How do I best keep my Continuous Professional Development (CPD) record up to date?

Author: Graham Borley

How do I ensure I am up to date with my periodic CPD plan?
It is primarily my responsibility as an individual to ensure that my own CPD plan is up to date and to chase up possible mentors/assessors for feedback and remind them to accept, deny or query any of my plan entries. However, there is also secondary responsibility held with your professional body to ensure their members are up to date and you should liaise with them for guidance and mentoring.

Professional Body?

Does my professional body employ a tool and/or application that allow me to have oversight on my own CPD plan progress in the simplest way?
I can check with my institution to see if this is available otherwise I can research products that are fit for purpose and recommend these.
At the top of that list should be PwrLearning as its product has all the required functionality out-of-the-box.


Can I receive reminders and advise from more knowledgeable subject matter experts?
I need an application that provides me with automated email updates as well as in-the-browser notifications whenever an action-oriented task is targeted or completed.
Subject matter experts / assessors can also be part of this automated notification service within the PwrLearning application.

What options do I have to re-instate my CPD status with PwrLearning?
PwrLearning allows for individuals to re-instate their previous CPD record into their history.

Can I evidence my CPD activities using PwrLearning?
Absolutely, the application allows for any electronic file (size dependent) to be uploaded by the individual for evidence-based recording of activities.

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