How will my CPD plan be assessed by the Professional Institution?

Author: Graham Borley

How do I know what my institution will be looking for in my periodic CPD assessment?
Guidance should ideally be provided by each institution however in the real world this may not be that forthcoming as some institutions may have slight vagueness in their assessment requirements.

We could also assume that this down to ambiguity is the interpretation of stipulated requirements OR that there are different levels of risk associated with each CPD plan.
Both scenarios are available through PwrLearning.

How much information and evidence do I need to prove to the institution?
This again is subject to interpretation by each institution but could be set as generic guidelines within the PwrLearning service.

Will there be anyone monitoring and potentially mentoring me through my CPD plan?
If your institution wants mentors to be made available from a list of subject matter experts and assessors then the PwrLearning service will allow for this as standard both as single point or overall CPD interactions.

These are really important questions to ask especially with so many changes happening in the job market.

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