Integrating the Coaching function in an intranet with Member Portal

Author: Mark Boos.

Are you looking to integrate online coaching tools for your professionals at a central member portal intranet, but without high costs for a custom made solution? If the answer is yes, then read this article.

Associations for professionals need to offer their members a wide range of services to develop their professional skills. Organisational Intranets are an important medium that many associations use to communicate, interact, offer e-learning courses and encourage participation in events.

Bespoke Intranet sites can be equipped with many functions like, document management, club membership software, digital newsletters, distribution lists and online learning. New features that some associations are now adding include online coaching and Continuous Professional Development modules.

Central Hub

Integration of these functions provides the members with one central hub for the development of their professional skills by using their personal account on their association’s member portal.

Advanced services like these used to be only be attainable by the larger organisations due to high tailor made costs. But not anymore! Open source content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress enable all associations and organisations to create a complete member portal at relatively low costs.Using open source software to create a member portal has many benefits. including: significant lower cost, continuity, configurable, adding custom functions and security measures.

The member portal based on open source can be even combined with closed source solutions like Microsoft with single sign-on.

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