The Pros and Cons of Business Coaching

Author: Graham Borley

It is wise to consider the pros & cons of business coaching before you make the decision to hire a professional business coach. This is especially important if the aim of the assignment is to help you be more successful at the major tasks related to your business.
Balancing out the good and the less desirable outcomes can help you to manage expectations about what makes a realistic and healthy coaching experience and help you come to the right decision.



A good coach can help individuals to get a different view about situations. They will be able to draw upon a different set of experiences and offer a new set of eyes to your situation.


Obtaining feedback from colleagues, employees or customers isn’t always easy. Working with a professional career coach can help you properly manage any confidence and communication issues you may encounter.

Recruitment and Retention

Companies that provide structured development and support like coaching tend to have higher levels of employee engagement and loyalty. This is also frequently one of the differentiators that talented people look for when seeking employment.


Good coaching can help individuals to align their development goals with the business goals of their organisation.


Realistic expectations

Business coaching isn’t a magic pill, but it should challenge you to address the difficulties and correct the mistakes that will enable you to work harder in smarter, more focused areas of your business.

Coaching credibility

The best outcomes are achieved when the coach and individual are in tune and the individual respects what the coach is saying. Credibility and empathy are essential.


Coaching can lose momentum or fail when the only contact is at the scheduled coaching sessions.  Frustrations occur when the individual faces an issue or situation which they need to deal with before the next meeting.

Lack of records or accountability

Because of the confidential nature of the coaching relationship there are frequently no records and it is difficult for organisations to identify a quantifiable improvement that can prove a return on investment.

The Way Forward

The new PwrLearning online coaching module has many features which can negate some of the negative constraints and enhance the Positives. It has been designed to deliver;
  • A confidential platform where individuals and their coaches can communicate and share ideas at any time
  • A battery of structured questions is designed to focus individuals on key situations and allow coaches to have an insight of the situation before the first meeting. This will make subsequent meeting more productive.
  • Sections for development planning and reviewing progress
  • Administrative controls and reporting functionality
The short video found at this link here gives an insight about one way in which the PwrLearning coaching module can be used.  However, there are many other options and configurations possible out of the box.
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