Why Curation & CPD are intertwinning

Author: Rory Stewart

Technology is allowing for individuals to be more connected and more able to collaborate and offer knowledge value through a multitude of self-curation tools and services.
There is the xAPI Learning Record Store (LRS) that is leading the change towards a more self-focused yet hugely collaborative medium of learning interchange. The ability to link this functionality to a CPD Plan where individual ideas can be shared and expanded upon will definitely revolutionise the concept of learning and tracking of one’s career path.

Content Curation

Let’s look at the 10 current reasons for content curation:
  1. Preserving instructional time
  2. More effective resource utilisation
  3. Promoting equity amongst contributors
  4. Supporting online safety
  5. Saving money & resources
  6. Nurturing a sense of community
  7. Ensuring content quality
  8. Encouraging innovation
  9. Protecting digital rights
  10. Providing greater access to content
Now add one more:
11. Providing a direct link between an individual’s professional career progression & assessment and the wider contributor network.
We believe that assessment of knowledge within a CPD Plan and linked with social curation (including videos, snippet information, etc) will transform individuals and businesses in the coming century.
Are there other aspects we are missing here?
Are we right?


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