Why is CPD history is important for later stages of careers?

Author: Rory Stewart

Do we know how much our CPD plans are going to be important to us as we get older?

How will you want to be assessed when you are staring at retirement? What does retirement look like and will it be different in a few years?
What metrics, business or otherwise, are valuable to you as an individual later in life?

Later life challenge

We are all going to face or are facing the challenge of what to do with our later lives to generally get a sense of value and achievement. A facilitation of ‘passing on the baton’ to others younger or less experienced than ourselves, or perhaps still creating greater and greater aspects within our lives.

The majority of us would no doubt like to believe that we are ‘useful’ especially in a business sense of the word. We should be continually engaged in our development and those of others I would argue. Without this means of development how are we as individuals able to ‘pass on the baton’ for others.

And without engaging with our CPD plans and potentially assessing of other CPD plans how can we achieve this growth in ourselves, others and businesses in general?

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